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Good Luck Penny is an Orlando-based country trio that considers themselves, well... lucky. In September of 2011, an Arkansas-born rocker, a gospel crooner, and a cajun-blooded southern belle came together to collaborate as songwriters for a military benefit album. Sitting around a piano in an old chapel, the trio quickly established a camaraderie and the realization that a unique sound was being born. Through the writing, recording, and touring stages of that project -- which included visiting United States military bases in Germany and Italy throughout 2012 -- Good Luck Penny was born. Born and raised in a musical home in Arkansas, guitarist and vocalist Doug Pierce was surrounded by country music as a child. He made his performance debut at the age of five, at his father's weekly country music show, "The Country Showdown." "I was the living embodiment of being 'country when country wasn't cool,'" he says. "I remember vividly in elementary school, my friends would laugh at me for listening to country music. But soon enough, Garth Brooks came along, and all those haters started jumping on the band wagon." Since those school days, Doug has established an impressive career that has included writing, recording, and performing in the genres of rock and roll, Contemporary Christian music, and now a fresh return to the world of country music. While living in Orlando, Doug was introduced to another local recording artist -- Jarian Felton. A Florida native with a rich voice and a knack for drums, Jarian began performing in church. While spending summers in Atlanta, he was introduced to the music of the legendary Ray Charles. He says, "I read once that Ray Charles said he loved country music because of the amazing stories. When I started writing songs with Doug and Lindsey, I began to understand the richness of a well-written country song and telling a story." With his gospel roots, his love for all musical styles, and his drumsticks, Jarian brings warmth to Good Luck Penny's writing and an irreplaceable energy to live performances. The two also enlisted the help of a female vocalist in town -- Lindsey Guillot. Like Jarian, Lindsey found her voice in church. The daughter of a Southern Baptist Minister of Music, she was born in Louisiana after a Wednesday night choir practice, and she found her place on stage next to her dad. At the age of eleven, her world changed when her mom came home with Rascal Flatts' debut album. "Until that point," she says, "my CD collection consisted strictly of Southern Gospel and Contemporary Christian artists. When my mom played that CD in the car, I distinctly remember my dad listening and saying 'I didn't buy this.' We laugh about that now, but I couldn't stop listening. It was like someone flipped a switch in me musically. With one CD, my family fell in love with country music." Lindsey quickly memorized the trio's intricate harmonies and learned to create her own unique vocal lines in church. Her love for vocal creativity has allowed her to work as a background vocalist, a singer at Walt Disney World, and now as a member of Good Luck Penny. These widely different vocal backgrounds and styles, coupled with a unanimous passion for the art of creating fresh country music, gives Good Luck Penny something special. Something they each consider themselves lucky and proud to be a part of. Audiences have proven to enjoy being a part of it, too. In live performances, GLP showcases their original songs, while also giving a nod to pop, rock, and country favorites that have inspired them as artists along the way. Their concerts are fun, high-energy, and never fail to engage the audience. While touring regionally, Good Luck Penny is expanding their following and working on their debut EP, which will feature audience favorites including "Highway Honeymoon" , "Take My Hand" , "Nothing From You" , and more.

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